StarPass is an edge server provided by Infostellar to mediate communication between your ground station and our cloud services. It is installed under the ground station's internal network to communicate with necessary components such as scheduler, modem, or antenna control units. 

On its the backside, StarPass equips multiple interfaces so that the device is able to communicate with various range of components. The ground station components mentioned in this page have verified interface with StarPass. If you are using components which are not yet supported by our platform, it may take few months for us to develop the interfaces. You can also run your driver software directly in the StarPass by implementing our API in your code.

The current version of StarPass supports only one channel per unit. For instance, if your ground station is compatible with simultaneous communication of S and X band, two StarPasses need to be installed in your station.

We have prepared two types of StarPass, SP1200A and SP2000, to fit any type of the ground station, and each of them would perfectly fit in a 19-inch server rack. SP1200A is a 2U size model and equips SDR in it. This type is mainly shipped to VHF/UHF/S band ground stations.

SP1200A Front view

SP1200A Rear view

Here is a summarized spec of SP1200A.

Size2U rack -  483 mm (W) x 330 mm (D) x 89 mm(H)
Maximum power consumption140 W
Voltage100 - 240 V AC
Weight6 kg
Input RF frequency range70 MHz ~ 6 GHz
Physical interfacesLAN port x 2
USB type A x 3
N connector x 2
RS232C x 2

On the other hand, SP2000 is simply a 1U size server possessing stronger computation power than SP1200A. It is mainly shipped to S/X or higher band ground stations.

SP2000 Front view

SP2000 Rear view

Here is a summarized spec of SP2000.

Size1U rack -  437 mm (W) x 249 mm (D) x 43 mm(H)
Maximum power consumption200 W
Voltage100 - 240 V AC
Weight~6 kg
Physical interfacesLAN port x 2
USB type A x 4 (USB 3.0 x 2)
RS232C x 2