Obtaining the necessary permits and licenses to use radio communication at a global scale can be quite complex. However, our team can help you navigate through every step of this process. 

First, satellite operators will file an application with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for frequency coordination. Operators using amateur frequencies will also need to coordinate with International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). 

Once your ITU application has been filed, you will need to coordinate with other organizations which are using the same frequency. You may need to also obtain licenses and permits from the authorities of the countries that you wish to communicate from. While every county requires that you obtain a license to transmit, there are several countries where you do not need a license to receive. 

Our team works with several operators in obtaining the permits and licenses in countries around the world. We can help you choose optimal sites to communicate from based on both your mission requirements and the ease of obtaining a license in different countries.